Exterior Works

Exterior Works

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Indoors and outdoors, the irregular diversity of nature vs the structured order of the man-made. These things need not be in conflict. Using timber harnesses the rugged beauty and resilience of the natural world for use in civilisation. What better way to harmonise the transition of your living space with the great outdoors than to use the best material that nature has to offer? It is hubris to see the human world and the natural world in conflict, indeed, we humans are PART of natural creation after all. Decks, cladding and more generally outdoor design principles should reflect this.


Alia Construction takes great pride in every project we build. We have a passion for innovative design and high quality construction and are timber decking specialists committed to Here at Alia Construction Our designers are experts in their field and our on-site facilities ensures that all timber supplied is of the highest quality. Alia Construction in-house joiners can design and build exactly what you want e.g. linking stairs, ramps, bridges or privacy screens and our installers are professional and courteous. Our commitment to the highest standards of design, planning and construction means that our minimum deck installation size is approximately 10m2. If you are looking for a beautiful, high quality and long lasting deck then Alia Construction today


We specialize in asphalt maintenance, slurry seal and concrete for commercial, industrial and residential properties in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, we also offer a variety of options for any of your paving needs, including grading, crack sealer, parking lot striping, sidewalks, flagstones and interlocking pavers. It is our goal to provide the best service possible in order to build an ongoing business relationship.


We provide residential and commercial drainage services to the local community. With over ten years’ of drainage & plumbing industry experience, you can trust us to complete your job to the highest standard. We’re specialists in all aspects of drainage work, from complex drain repairs requiring expert excavation to standard drain cleaning services. We provide specially designed grease dosing systems that place grease-eating enzymes in your drains to maintain a healthy drainage system.